Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

Susan B. writes - I wanted to tell you how great the the Puffin Pad was on Safari in South Africa. There was no getting out of the car in the National Parks. Almost all of the shooting was with the Puffin Pad on the window sill of the car door.

Tom T. writes My visit to Yellowstone was a success thanks to the Puffin Pad. I did most of my shooting from the car and the Puffin Pad was perfect. I got great images.

R Curry took his Puffin Pad to Churchill, Manitoba and used it on the Tundra-Buggy window to photograph the Polar Bears. He never had to worry about the Pad coming off the window and got great pics of the bears.
Moose Peterson does a great video on the Puffin Pad.

The Benefits

sharper images


increase depth of field


reduce noise from high iso


use slower shutter speeds


works just about any place you can find to photograph


protects your gear

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