How To Use Puffin Pad Pro

There are so many ways to use the Puffin Pad Pro that they haven't all been discovered yet. It is incredibly versatile alternative to the Bean Bag. 

  • Take Frisbee to the beach turn it upside down place the pad in side place your lens on the pad and shoot the shore birds at eye level while sliding the Pad on the Frisbee.
  • For big lens shooters try placing the Pad right side up between your upper arm and side to help stableize your shooting hand ( the Jim Urbach method)...

Check out the gallery of some other ways to use it. Then send us images of new ways that you find.

The Benefits

sharper images


increase depth of field


reduce noise from high iso


use slower shutter speeds


works just about any place you can find to photograph


protects your gear

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